Mr. Townsend

Mr. Townsend contacted me by an old fashioned telephone call. He said he was gathering his children from the four corners of the US to meet in Colonial Williamsburg. He felt his time getting close and wanted pictures for all his children to have of him and their time together. I don't have dads contacting me to schedule photo sessions very often, and certainly not in their 80s. But Mr. Townsend did. And it was the first time I have ever teared up during a session. It happened as I was photographing Mrs. Townsend looking deep into her daughter's eyes.

My passion has always been photographing young families. Being a mom is an invaluable blessing that I am endlessly grateful for, and I channel that love when I photograph children and families of others. Family is the most amazing gift.

What I saw though my lens as Mrs. Townsend looked deep and lovingly into her daughter's eyes, and again as Mr. and Mrs. Townsend kissed on the Palace Green, was the other end of the road. After the dust of diapers and schoolwork and first love heartbreak settles. I saw the end of the road, and it was beautiful.